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It’s all about gaming, game creation and development and even a bit of game marketing

Gaming Debugged is the personal blog of Ian Garstang, aka me!

I am an avid gamer and amateur game designer and developer. When not gaming I enjoy traveling and marketing and work various clients. During the day I work for an award winning creative marketing agency in London and in the off hours I play games, make games and create graphics for others to use in their own games. I even review games so all in all, I’m all about the games.

This blog is my homage to games and I discuss whats happening in the games industry, look back at gaming titles, look at game marketing and give my opinions on both AAA and Indie games. I’ve had a slew of computers and consoles over the years starting with the Atari 2600 all the way to my Xbox One.

Gaming is the Future

Gaming Debugged is the home of the revolution. News, reviews, features, game development help, games for children’s, and more videos that shake a stick at.

Gaming Debugged is a home for our passion for video games, a platform for our shared appreciation for the power that they wield.

From one man indie games to massive AAA titles, 3D development to getting started as a game blogger. If you have a passion for video games, you’re in the right place.

My name is Ian, I’m gaming Debugged…

This is me, Ian Garstang

Ian Garstang


2D Game Assets for Indie Developers

In ‘some’ my free time I create game graphics and 2D assets for various indie game developers. I have created game graphics for over 50+ games for all ages and my art style is ‘cartoon’ which encompasses everything from simple South Park Style to more comic book or Disney style.

When I am not working with individual clients I am constantly updating my 2D game assets online store Graphic-Buffet. This has over 140 products ranging from simple star graphics all the way to complete platformer game graphics packs. Most of these packs are priced at $5.

One of my hopes is to someday have enough graphics on the site to create an epic 2D retro inspired game. If I every get the time 🙂

So if you would like:

  • Custom game graphics
  • Cheap game graphics
  • Game marketing advice
  • To appear on this blog
  • or to hook up to play online

Do not hesitate to get in touch!

Full Disclosure

Gaming Debugged is still in the hobby stage and the Google Ads used on the website do not come close to covering the costs of hosting and the number of games I buy each week, in order to keep the content fresh and useful.

Review codes: On very rare occasions, I get sent review codes for games (very rare). However, the reviews are all my own work.

Sponsored content: Occasionally I will agree to participate in some other sort of sponsored campaign. In most cases, I will write the post in order to keep the tone of voice and style the same. However, a handful of posts have been supplied. These posts are marked as ‘sponsored’. The money involved is reinvested into the website for hosting costs and the purchase of games.

Affiliate links: I am yet to try affiliate links, but if I do I will update this section. I expect I will only link to products I actually like though.

I am a proud member of Blog With Integrity and strive to conduct myself ethically and with full transparency, both here at Gaming Debugged and in my life in general.



Meet The Family

Gaming Debugged is the first and original, but it is just one website in a whole family of blogs that explore my array of interests. If you enjoy what you read why not dig a little deeper into the sister sites: