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Undisputed Rings in Final Update

Exciting news for boxing game enthusiasts as the final update for Undisputed has been officially unveiled. Scheduled for release on February 12th, the long-awaited .7 update promises to be a game-changer, fulfilling the desires of many avid fans.

A Roster Expansion and More

Over the past few months, Undisputed has undergone a remarkable transformation with the addition of numerous female fighters, boosting the roster to an impressive 50-plus combatants. Alongside this, the game has received a series of bug fixes, stamina management improvements, and fresh locations. However, just before the festive season, the developers informed the community that the highly anticipated Character Creator wouldn’t be ready as initially anticipated.


Character Creator Unleashed in .7 Update

The .7 update, however, marks a turning point by introducing the much-requested Character Creator to the early access package. Boasting an extensive array of options, players can now immortalize themselves in the game and venture into the career mode, taking on legendary pugilists such as Mohemmad Ali, Frank Bruno, and Sugar Ray Leonard.

Early Access Career Mode Unleashed

A ground-breaking addition, the Early Access Career Mode empowers players to forge their own path to glory. Facing off against boxing icons like Canelo Alvarez, Tyson Fury, Oleksandr Usyk, Katie Taylor, Sugar Ray Robinson, and many more, this mode provides an immersive experience that will be further expanded upon at the game’s full launch with additional features and gameplay.


Key Features of Early Access Career Mode:

  • Create Your Own Boxer: Tailor your male or female fighter from hairstyle to body weight, determining your weight class, clothing, and fighting styles.
  • Build Your Team: Assemble a top-notch team of manager, cutman, and coach to guide your fighter’s progress, skills, and fame.
  • Negotiate Your Path: Choose opponents strategically, negotiate contracts, and climb the ranks for the most lucrative rewards.
  • Dynamic Coach Advice System: Innovative in-ring action with dynamic advice from your coach.
  • Training Camps: Fine-tune your skills, making choices that impact your strategy for the next opponent.
  • Choose Your Path to Glory: Set your goals, define your success story – whether it’s winning all the belts or retiring with the highest fan base and wealth.

Fighter Select Customization and Gameplay Enhancements

The customization doesn’t stop with the Character Creator. Fighter Select Customization now allows players to personalize fighters with new shorts, gloves, and more. Additionally, a new flat-footed movement has been introduced, slowing down tired fighters and reducing showboating.

Brand New Over-Shoulder Camera Angle

One of the major highlights of the update is the introduction of a brand new over-shoulder camera angle, providing players with a fresh perspective on their battles. This innovative view infuses a more arcade beat-em-up vibe into the game, promising to deliver memorable moments.


Final Thoughts and Future Hopes

As this marks the last update before the full launch, anticipation is high. While Undisputed bids farewell to its early access phase, the developers are gearing up for the final stretch to bring the game to its complete release. With fan-favorite Mike Tyson still missing from the roster, hopes are high for his inclusion as DLC in the future. Undisputed fans, get ready for an adrenaline-fueled final round!

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