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SMITE 2 Announced

Titan Forge Games, the team behind SMITE, have just announced SMITE 2 during the SMITE World Championships. This true sequel to the beloved MOBA powerhouse is not merely an upgrade; it’s a ground-up creation harnessing the mighty Unreal Engine 5. Let’s delve into the details of this monumental announcement.


Cutting-Edge Visuals and Gameplay

SMITE 2 encapsulates everything cherished by players in SMITE and elevates it with cutting-edge visuals, animations, and gameplay. The Unreal Engine 5 breathes new life into the gods and battlegrounds, promising a next-gen gaming experience. The user interface has been meticulously refined, audio enhanced, and spell effects clarified. The physics-based abilities of gods like Ymir have been reimagined for more immersive encounters.


Technological Marvels

A leap to a new backend technology not only ensures state-of-the-art cross-play but also introduces a revamped ranked system with novel tiers and structures. Improved matchmaking further enhances the competitive spirit, creating an environment where every victory is hard-fought and deserved.


Pantheons, Strategies, and Objectives

SMITE 2 welcomes both newcomers and veterans with open arms, offering not just a new God pantheon but also refined kits, gameplay adjustments, and revamped Relic and Item systems. Dual power sources, Strength and Intelligence, add depth to each God’s abilities, paving the way for more nuanced and varied playstyles. The introduction of vision control slots and dynamic map objectives injects fresh excitement into every match.


A Gift for the Faithful

In celebration of 40 million SMITE players, the Divine Legacy program has been initiated. This heartfelt gesture honours the decade-long journey of SMITE 1 players, recognizing their time and dedication. Legacy Gems, converted from previously spent gems, can be used for new purchases in SMITE 2. The program also unveils 11 unique skins, badges, Gold Mastery levels, and cross-generation skins that transcend both games.


Simultaneous Support for Both Realities

Titan Forge Games affirms its unwavering commitment to the SMITE community by pledging simultaneous support for both SMITE 1 and SMITE 2. Even as players embark on fresh adventures in the sequel, the original servers will remain active. This ensures that the vibrant legacy of SMITE continues, offering an unbroken thread connecting the past and the future.

SMITE 2 is now available for wishlist on various platforms, including Steam, Steam Deck, Epic Games Store, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5. As we eagerly anticipate its launch, the realm of myth and deity-driven battles is poised for an extraordinary evolution. Prepare to transcend into the realms of SMITE 2 and script your legendary tale amidst gods and titans.


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