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Stormforce Gaming & The Prism iCue 6209

If you have seen my social media recently, you will have seen that I have a new love in my life and it is the Prism iCue 6209 from Stormforce Gaming. This beautiful custom-built PC has been crafted by the gods… or at least the tech gurus over at Stormforce Gaming. Quiz me on anything video game related and I can hold my own but ask me the difference between a CPU and a GPU and I may look at you blankly

It is for this reason that I drafted the help of Stormforce to recommend me a PC that could meet my list of demands. These included the ability to play Cyberpunk 2077, Borderlands 3, and Gears 5 without a problem, big enough for me to move over hundreds of my games too, AND powerful enough to run Unreal Engine for my game development projects. Plus it had to last me a fair few years… that’s a tall order for any PC.

And then Stormforce built me a Beast!


The Prism iCue 6209 has an RTX 4090, Ryzen 9 7950X, and needed a bolt of lightning struck on a full mood to activate the ASUS power within.

The Beast’s heart is an AMD Ryzen 9, brand new on the market and super powerful. For graphics, she has an ASUS RTX 4090 and with 64GB of RAM, she can play the world’s most demanding games. For those looking for 4K and VR gaming, the Prism iCue is ready to satisfy your every whim.


It’s been an insane couple of weeks with The Beast, as I made a dent in her 1TB Seagate Gen 4 SSD hard drive. From Hades to Halo, Fallout Shelter to Fallout 4, she has taken these games in her stride.

Similarly, when using Unreal Engine and Unity, my workflow has been smoother and efficiency increased dramatically with smaller load times and faster processing. I have tested this machine simply through my regular resource-heavy processes. From Unreal, I might jump to Adobe or Substance Painter, have usually had 50 Chrome tabs on, Spotify running and who knows what else. The Prism iCue 6209 didn’t break a sweat. As it shouldn’t for almost £4.5k.

Whilst the price tag might seem steep at first, it’s worth noting that trying to build this yourself would likely cost more. A regular Joe buying the components separately would have to pay full retail and have to wait weeks for the various parts. Stormforce Gaming not only have more purchasing power so they can get better deals but also have partnerships with suppliers meaning the whole PC was built and sent in a week. On arrival, the Beast was lovingly packed with a mini airbag around the main ‘expensive’ components for extra security. Assembly was minimal and came with a range of cables, cable management solutions and set-up instructions. Plus all the glass was covered in that film that is just so satisfying to pull off.

The boot sequence is under four seconds and the LED lights inside are just SO beautiful. I finally had a worthy PC to finish off my gaming setup. My curved monitors, Philips smart lighting and Trust MAZZ mechanical keyboard came together to create the games room I always wanted.

The Prism iCue 6209 is a beast with its four fans, stunning interior LEDs, top-of-line parts, and tidy internal cabling. But she also has a heafy footprint measuring around 23cm wide, 42cm high, and almost 50cm deep. You could probably fit 4 Xbox series X in the space this beast takes up. The rear has all the plugs and connectors any tech junkie would need. On the top near the front are some easy-access USB ports and a headphone jack for wired controllers for headphones. I had the Best running for almost 3 days straight as I downloaded a selection of my games and the fans were quiet as a mouse. Even my Luddite wife thought she was impressive and soon grew jealous of all the time we spent together.

So I may find myself divorced and living in a shed but as long as I have my Prism iCue to keep me warm and entertained, I will be a happy gamer.

I can’t thank Stormforce enough for all their advice before I got the PC and even the after-sales emails checking everything was as expected. The free month for Xbox GamePass for PC was also a very nice touch.

If you are looking for a new PC, then it’s worth talking to the team at Stormforce first, as they could offer you something that is built for the way you work. Whether you are a 4K gamer looking to own it in COD or a power-hungry game developer looking to run multiple heavy programs it’s worth checking out their site for some holiday discounts.

Don’t forget to check out my video here dedicated to the best Gaming PCs to get this Black Friday.


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