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5 of the Most Interesting Mobile Games at EGX Rezzed

EGX was jam-packed with new and exciting games and whilst it was impossible to look at them all. When I wasn’t building cities in VR or exploring distant lands on Xbox One, I managed to try out a number of mobile games that piqued my interest thanks to their unusual and interesting premise. Five of which I have outlined below:


Ruby Rei

The large cardboard cut out of Ruby drew me in initially and whilst the visual style looked a little retro, the concept is what really stuck with me. A 3D adventure game that teaches players a new language. In this case, it was Spanish. A great concept that I hope takes off.


Ruya is a meditative puzzle game that merges the classic match three games with the strategy of Tetris. In Ruya you visit surrealist dreamlike worlds to help the sleeping God unfold her deepest memories. This hypnotic minimalist experience looked to have lots of depth all played to an other-worldly ethereal soundtrack.


Deckbound Spears
Deck bound Spears takes an incredibly simple concept and turns it into a four player fun fest. This top-down multiplayer deathmatch sees each of the four players armed with a spear. These spears can be thrown in a straight line at your enemies. However, if you throw the spear, you then have to fetch the spear leaving you running unarmed across the map. The thrill of both being the hunter and the hunted in rapid succession is strongly addictive and I can’t wait to play it again.


Like a Boss

Like a Boss is an Action RPG where you are the epic Boss, crushing heroes as they come to steal your treasures. It flips the classic boss battles on its head and you have to beat the waves of heroes coming to de-thrown you. Hero AI uses the classic tactics we have all used in the past, from hiding behind pillars, jumping attacks and then striking at the head. Like A Boss had me both intrigued and thirsty for more.

Armoured Engines
Armoured Engines is a 2D steampunk western epic following the journey of train conductor Dusty Beats as she drives a train to El Dorado. This simple game entertained me no end as I had to fend off hordes of vibrant enemies, by building up my train using a fully customizable arsenal of gadgets, cargo and armed passengers.

There was so many to play, the above only scratches the surface of the wealth of games coming out over the next 12 months. If this has been helpful, please do not forget to subscribe to the YouTube for more videos and updates.

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