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Manic Mechanics Races onto Xbox

Get ready for a wild ride as 4J Studios, known for its console adaptations of Minecraft and Bethesda titles, gears up for the all-formats release of its first proprietary game, “Manic Mechanics.” Launching on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms on March 7, 2024, this high-octane party game promises a turbo-charged addition to the chaotic world of couch co-op.

Turbo-Charged Mechanics: A Proprietary Thrill Ride

First introduced on Nintendo Switch in July 2023, “Manic Mechanics” takes players to the auto-obsessed Octane Isle, challenging them to prove their worth as travelling mechanics. In a race against the clock, up to four players don their overalls and dive into repairing various vehicles, including trucks, choppers, tractors, mini-subs, and even UFOs. The catch? The faster the repairs, the more chaos ensues, with fuel spills, exploding tyres, stampeding cows, and alien abductions creating hilariously chaotic consequences.


New Features for a Turbo Boost

Building on community feedback from the Nintendo Switch release, 4J Studios has supercharged “Manic Mechanics” for its all-formats debut. The game now introduces a competitive ‘Versus’ mode alongside local and online co-op gameplay. Brace yourselves for potential friendship-ending competitions. Additionally, the release includes a brand-new neighbourhood, fresh characters, and entertaining twists to popular levels.


Chairman’s Excitement: A Delighted Confirmation

Chris van der Kuyl, Chairman of 4J Studios, expresses his excitement, “When Manic Mechanics first arrived on Switch, we were mostly asked two questions… ‘Is it going to be on other platforms?’ and ‘Can you add a competitive mode?’ I’m delighted that I can now answer ‘Yes!’ to both. The new features the team have added have made an amazing game even better, and I’m delighted that it will now be available to the widest possible audience.”


Release and Enhancements: A Wider Playground

“Manic Mechanics” will hit the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, and Steam on March 7, 2024. Simultaneously, the Nintendo Switch version receives enhancements, introducing new game modes and extra content, with existing players getting a free update. With over 30 levels across six neighbourhoods on Octane Isle, get ready to grab your toolbelt, round up your friends, and see if you have what it takes to become a Manic Mechanic.


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