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Witch Rise: A Retro Magical Adventure

For lovers of old-school classics, Witch Rise emerges as a flash of nostalgia, blending retro aesthetics with modern challenges. A first-person experience that ditches frills for fast-paced action, this game offers a trip down memory lane with an added twist to up the ante. Set to launch on January 19th, this first-person action blaster promises a no-nonsense journey through a magical kingdom.


New Slant: A Fresh Take on Magic

lightUP, the developer behind Witch Rise, shares insights into the game’s unique charm. Departing slightly from its inspirations, the game boasts cute and colourful aesthetics, creating a non-violent yet captivating experience. A notable addition is the levelling system, enhancing the main character’s strength by boosting max HP and MP.


Character Role: A Magical Tale Unfolds

Embark on a journey with a young girl mastering magic at an impressive pace. Caught in the envy of an old Witch, the protagonist finds herself transformed into a little pig. To break the spell, she must seek four magic ‘staffs’ scattered across four distinct biomes. The storyline promises a magical adventure with challenges aplenty.


Out to Play – Things to Buy: Explore, Purchase, Conquer

Witch Rise unfolds across four different biomes, each offering a unique visual spectacle and varying difficulty levels. With open-world exploration, players can tackle these biomes in their preferred order. Venture through the realms, face biome-specific enemies, confront formidable bosses, and indulge in some retail therapy at the four distinct stores scattered across the magical landscape.


Be Armed – Be Prepared

Armed with an arsenal of weapons—swords, melee weapons, and magical staff—players encounter challenging bosses that demand strategic movement and well-timed attacks. With varied weaponry and unique adversaries, Witch Rise ensures that players remain on their toes, constantly adapting to the game’s dynamic challenges.

TLDR: Feature & Facts

  • First-person shooter gameplay
  • Medieval fantasy-inspired themes
  • Four different biomes to explore
  • Cute 2D pixelated graphics in a 3D world
  • Non-violent, magic-themed gameplay
  • Purchase useful items from unique in-game stores
  • A delightful mix of genres providing an enchanting gaming experience
  • 80 rooms spread across four biomes

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